The connection is to a Zyxel ADSL modem, with an estimated maximum downstream capacity of 8124Kbps and an estimated upstream capacity of 1024Kbps.

The statistics were last updated Thursday, 25 March 2004 at 10:52,
at which time 'ZyxelPrestige' had been up for 2:28:11.
`Daily' Graph (5 Minute Average)
Max Bytes-In:  81.4 kB/s Average Bytes-In:  6604.0 B/s Current Bytes-In:  5538.0 B/s
Max Bytes-Out:  2795.0 B/s Average Bytes-Out:  1121.0 B/s Current Bytes-Out:  1029.0 B/s

`Weekly' Graph (30 Minute Average)
Max Bytes-In:  102.8 kB/s Average Bytes-In:  6786.0 B/s Current Bytes-In:  6220.0 B/s
Max Bytes-Out:  4453.0 B/s Average Bytes-Out:  1221.0 B/s Current Bytes-Out:  1211.0 B/s

`Monthly' Graph (2 Hour Average)
Max Bytes-In:  124.7 kB/s Average Bytes-In:  7612.0 B/s Current Bytes-In:  5461.0 B/s
Max Bytes-Out:  37.0 kB/s Average Bytes-Out:  2177.0 B/s Current Bytes-Out:  1054.0 B/s

`Yearly' Graph (1 Day Average)
Max Bytes-In:  67.6 kB/s Average Bytes-In:  7142.0 B/s Current Bytes-In:  7032.0 B/s
Max Bytes-Out:  33.7 kB/s Average Bytes-Out:  1456.0 B/s Current Bytes-Out:  1144.0 B/s

GREEN ### Incoming Traffic in Bytes per Second
BLUE ### Outgoing Traffic in Bytes per Second

MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher
2.10.13 Tobias Oetiker <> and Dave Rand <>